NIDA Box v2.0

NIDA is a structure analysis and design software and capable of first-order linear, second-order nonlinear, eigenvalue buckling, vibration (modal), response spectrum and time history analysis. NIDA is powerful for second-order direct analysis of steel structures, frames, trusses and buildings, light-weighted and slender skeletal structures and so on.

The predominant feature of NIDA is that it can take both P-D and P-d effects as well as initial imperfections into account and as a result the assumption of effective length is avoided. NIDA can fully fulfil the requirements of second-order direct analysis specified in Eurocode-3 (2005), AISC-LRFD (2010) and HK Steel Code (2011). This new design method is recommended in modern design codes and can provide safer and more economic design.

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Other Features

  • NIDA provides many kinds of templates which include general frame structures and shell structures for quickly starting.
  • NIDA supports semi-rigid connection.
  • NIDA provides versatile nonlinear solution methods (Newton-Raphson Method, Single Displacement Control Method, Arc Length Method and The Minimum Residual Displacement Method).
  • NIDA eliminates effective length assumptions.
  • NIDA takes consideration of P-Δ, P-δ effects and initial imperfections. It uses the curved stability function / PEP beam-column elements for simulation of member imperfections to Table 5.1 in Eurocode3.
  • Shell elements in NIDA can be used to trace the large deflection behavior of shell structures.
  • NIDA provides seismic design and evaluations (response spectrum, pushover, time-history).
  • NIDA supports load and construction sequences analysis.

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